Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is of great importance in this day and age with the way things are moving to completely digital platforms. It is also important to understand what exactly this term means.


Digital literacy is, in my opinion, applies less to learning how to produce content, and learning more on how to receive the content that we take in during the course of our everyday lives. I think that by learning to produce content, we are able to learn more about how to interact with the content we consume. For example, learning that upbeat music in the background of a podcast can point towards a shift in mood prepares us, as consumers to better understand the story arc of the podcast. Learning that the different cuts in a video allow the viewer to watch the video seamlessly and be able to follow the story better allows us to understand why we feel a sense of unease when videos are choppy.

Bring It Home

In producing my own content, especially the group video, I learned how the different components can come together to make the whole video. I also learned that if just one of these elements is missing, it can mess up the whole video. In the rough cut of the group video, the lighting and sound qualities weren’t where they needed to be. Though the story arc, interviews, questions, B-roll, and background music were well thought-out and planned, the small imperfection of sound and lighting quality in the interviews distracted the viewer from all of the other good parts of the video. This taught me that even the smallest of imperfections can throw the viewer off of the video.

I also learned that certain color schemes are made to create a certain reaction. For my Sports and Sparkles blog, which this is posted on, I learned that I should keep the colors simple on the layout so that I could focus on the abundance of pink that would be in the post due to really make the sexism pop with all of the pink that girls are supposed to wear. For my personal website, I used calming colors in the background, but pops of brighter colors to draw the eye where I wanted on the page. I think that this approach really helps guide my readers through, as well as keeps the page neutral enough to where I could use it for many different things to showcase my whole portfolio as it continues to expand into other fields, like music.

At The End Of The Day

In this course, I learned that it is important to stay on top of the content that you put out into the world because you never know when it will make it back around. I learned more about how to compose my content, and I learned more about who I am. I thought that I had pretty good digital literacy before I took this course, but this really opened my eyes to things I wasn’t even aware of, like the color scheme or music choice, that is really as important as the words on the scree.


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