Cell Phone: Good or Bad

There’s no denying that cell phones have changed the daily lives of most people. But when we think of the average teenager, how has it changed their life and how has it changed since we used it as teens?

Personally, I’m thankful that I was in high school before getting a cell phone with internet. It allowed me to bond more with my peers on a face to face level rather than just seeing their face on their Facebook profile on my screen.

The most common use for cell phones, especially when it comes to teenage girls, according to Abu Sadat Nurullah, is to maintain connections with their peer group and facilitate and make those connections easier. That is what I used my cell phone for. It was for making plans to meet at the skating rink, the mall, and a million other places.

While Abu Sadat Nurullah does not include a large section on the connection between the internet and cell phone usage since his article is from 2009 before that became a common use for cell phones, now 77 percent of Americans own smartphones. This has led to an even larger sense of constant connectedness as Nurullah discusses.

Overall, Americans are more connected now than they have ever been. You can make your own decision on w


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