Women Play Sports

Everyone knows that women’s sports are considered less valued in today’s society than their male counterparts. We’ve seen it with the United States Women’s Soccer team and their wage inequality compared to the Men’s Soccer team.

High Schools

These differences don’t start and end with the professional level. Even at the high school levels, women’s teams are less likely to be supported than their male counterparts. I attended a women’s soccer game at a local high school to see what kind of turnout they had versus the men’s game later that week. I noted that this team did not have nearly as much support as the men’s team.

Girls are getting into playing sports, but do they have the support they need?
Credit: Keith JJ

At Furman?

Hoping that the women would get more support on a collegiate level, I looked at Furman University’s attendance records for sports that have both a male and female team. The results remained the same. At Furman, the Women’s Soccer team averaged 466 attendees per home game in their 2016 season. The Men’s Soccer team, however, averaged almost twice that amount, coming in at 875 attendees per home game. Unfortunately, this carries over into other sports, like basketball, as well. While the Men’s Basketball team had an average of 1,633 attendees at each home game, the Women’s Basketball team only got less than a fourth of that support, at 382 attendees per home game.

Working Women

If women are putting in just as much work into their games each time they step onto the field or court, why aren’t we supporting them just as much? Take time out of your schedule to check out one of the female teams at your schools and show them some support.


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