Women Coach Sports

Women are able to play a variety of sports in college, but do the schools’ coaching staff accurately represent the variety of teams found on college campuses? It’s clear that women can coach just as well as men in most scenarios, but do they get the chance to? Do women on these college teams have female coaches to look up to?

Anything You Can Do, Pat Can Do Better

Women don’t have as many female coaches to look up to. Last June, the collegiate women’s basketball community was devastated by the loss of one of these women they could look up to, Pat Summitt, the Head Coach Emeritus of the University of Tennessee’s Lady Vols basketball team. Summitt achieved an overall coaching record of 1,161 wins and only 212 losses.  To put that number in perspective, the male coach with the most wins is Mike Krzyzewski with a record of 1,070 wins and 329 losses.  Why then, are women not coaching as much as men across the sports world, even among women’s teams?

Pat Summitt has the most wins in college basketball out of both men’s and women’s.
Credit: University of Tennessee

At Furman

Closer to home at Furman University, we have a pretty equal division of sports. Furman sponsors seven sports for females, seven sports for males, and two sports that students of either gender can play. One would think that this means the coaching staff would be pretty evenly divided between males and females. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Only four out of the sixteen sports Furman offers have a female Head Coach.

Put Me In As Coach

Hopefully in the future, women who play these sports in high school can come back to their alma mater, like Furman University, and coach the women who come after them because they’ll need that influence.

How does gender play out in the coaching world?


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