Women Watch Sports

Sure, this may come as a surprise to some advertisers and companies, but there are actually women out there in the world who enjoy watching sports. Some advertisers seem to think that women only like walking in slow motion through a tailgate while eating a burger and wearing a bikini. Once they get too old for bikinis, women move into the kitchen to make food while the men watch the game.


In a recent Gallup poll, people were asked if they would generally describe themselves as sports fans. While 66 percent of men surveyed replied that they are fans, 51 percent of women gave the same answer. When it comes to professional football, though, 45 percent of the National Football League’s fans are women.

Advertising Amnesia

Despite all of this evidence, companies still seem to forget these women when making commercials about game-day products. There are plenty of commercials about women hanging out in the kitchen refilling bags of chips. So many, in fact, that “Saturday Night Live” did an entire skit about it. Ads around sports frequently objectify women, despite the fact that women do make up a good amount of their viewership. Here are just a few examples of the objectification of women in ads that air in and around the sports world.

Thank You

There are those companies that do care that women are looked at as the weaker sex. Like Always who has the #LikeaGirl campaign. Seeing those other ads on television impacts the self-esteem of girls. Support those companies who advertise positively towards women. Support women.



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